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    Digimon Frontier Episode 6 – A Molehill Out Of A Mountain

    WOW! This is the first episode where all of the DigiDestined are all together! Let’s hope they can work together as a team…


    We’re heading to Koji first and he’s still travelling alone. He is very careful when walking along the cliff edge, I think. When he hears noises, he goes into a tunnel and find some female snail-looking creatures (they’re much nicer than the other snail-looking creatures in Season 1!). Koji, knowing that the female snails need his helps, tries to help them but a creepy, looking shadow knocks him out. Ouch!

    Meanwhile, the rest of the DigiDestined are knocked out of a restaurant because they have no money! Seriously, they should have find more digimon money so they can go into it!!!!! The kids have no further to go because of the hunger they have. I love it when the kids notice a workers needed sign (with free food!!!!!), they rush to it and find the male snail-looking guys at them!


    They male snails tell the DigiDestined that a bad guy called Grumblemon (he is so annoying in this series!) captured the female snails because he wanted to know where the Fractal Code is. The DigiDestined take a Trailmon to the snail’s homes in the mountains and guess what? They take one crazy ride to their homes!!!!!!!!!
    I just love their faces when they found out that they have to do a loop (I hate going upside down, it makes me sick!). After the crazy ride they have to climb ladders to their homes!


    I loved the bit when J.P ask Zoe to go first but Zoe slapped him and pointed out she was wearing a skirt! There was a deleted scene where J.P has a mark on his face where Zoe slapped him (I only watch the English dub). The team manages to go to the house (which is upside down, LOL!) where they manage to find Koji with the rest of the male snails guys.
    I don’t get it why Koji didn’t why the rest here, since he is a lone-wolf (a lot). The snail guys explain that they rescued Koji after Grumblemon attacked him (Koji couldn’t just spirit evolve and free the females). Since then, they kept Koji safe. They then give the DigiDestined free food (which look like lettuces).


    Then it’s planning time again! Koji explains that the female captives are locked inside a cave, where they will go at nightfall. I don’t know why the snails are scared when J.P said that the DigiDestined are Legendary Warriors but then they snails said that it’s time for bed which is unusual.
    I like the little rows that Koji and Takuya have. This will happen a lot as the series progress, although Koji says that he didn’t need any help from Takuya, Takuya did get a little kinda annoyed there.

    The DigiDestined then find themselves hanging from the side of the cliff! OH DEAR! First the snails are being nice to them now they are being mean?


    I LOVE the DigiDestined’s faces when they find out that they are all in league with Grumblemon (who is already a Legendary Warrior, as Bokomon pointed out). The snail’s plans are soon backfired as Grumblemon threatens to steal the DigiDestined’s spirits! I really hate that because the kids don’t get to spirit evolve!
    Anyway, back to the episode, Grumblemon attacks the kids but Koji manages to free himself and spirit evolves to Lobomon to take care of him. Meanwhile the snails free the rest of the DigiDestined as Lobomon is defeated by Grumblemon with Takuya knowing that they must help him.


    The rest of the gang spirit evolve with J.P and Takuya fighting Grumblemon and Zoe and Tommy helping Koji up. Takuya and Beetlemon manage to defeat Grumblemon just before Lobomon goes to help the others, however this doesn’t work (oh no!) as Takuya falls into a deep hole but is saved by a ladder.
    Meanwhile Kazemon and Kumamon manage to free the female captives using Kazemon’s Hurricane Wave attack. Then it starts to rain. I just love the idea that Beetlemon had to defeat Grumblemon by using his Thunder Fist attack into the mountain and let the rain water combined with rocks tumble down onto Grumblemon but that just revealed the Fractal Code of the Mountain!


    OH CRAP! Grumblemon has found the Fractal Code and has Beast Spirit evolved into this digimon called Gigasmon! Beast Spirits are usually the stronger digimon that the DigiDestined have to find as well a human spirit (I prefer the human spirits!).

    Back to the episode, Gigasmon attacks the DigiDestined with a twister attack and Lobomon, Takuya and Kumamon fall from the ladder! Thanks goodness Kumamon used his Frozen Tundra attack to save Lobomon and Takuya from a horrible death. A unexpected blow for Beetlemon send the stand broken and Bokomon and Neemon flying!!!!


    Thank gosh Kazemon and Beetlemon are the two flying human spirits (We see a hint of that in Episode 8)! They manage to catch Bokomon and Neemon just in time! Gigasmon then takes the Fractal Code of the mountain and leave Takuya, Lobomon and Kumamon falling down in one area and Kazemon, Beetlemon, Bokomon and Neemon falling down in another area! What are the DigiDestined going to do now with them spilt up? I sure hope that they can defeated Grumblemon as soon as possible before he takes their spirits!

    Recapped by Jessy

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