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    Digimon Data Squad (Savers) – DATS

    Main DATS membersDATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) is a secret government organization dedicated to investigating digital phenomena and making sure that Digimon do not run wild in the human world.


    Captain Rentarou Satsuma: The leader of DATS in Japan. He was the first to encourage Masaru to join DATS, and oversees the team’s operations. His Digimon partner is Kudamon.
    Officer Megumi Shirokawa: One of two computer operators working for DATS. She has a somewhat sunny, energetic personality. She has a white PawnChessmon as her partner.
    Officer Miki Kurosaki : One of two computer operators working for DATS, and is Megumi’s friend. She has the black PawnChessmon as her partner.
    Kamemon: A Digimon who works for DATS, seemingly as a sort of butler.

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    Not Matt and Mimi. It's so Mimi and Izzy!
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    Are these not aloud to be English Dubed and full length at the same time?
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    First of all I was fighting someone but all of a sudden shoutmon jumped in and started fighting with me I was supprised and then he said "go find the digitizer and open the portal

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