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    Digimon Adventure Episode 37 – Wizardmon’s Gift

    NOOO, Kari is still floating into top of the TV station. Matt blames himself while Sora tells him it’s not his fault.

    OMG, I just noticed that the animation is now back to how it usually is. I don’t know why, the episode before just felt different, the character’s expressions seemed different from other episodes.

    Yes, Go Sora! Encourage Matt to do something about it!

    Meanwhile, Tai spotted Myotismon flying off to a new place. It turns out that they’ve already found the 8th Digidestined, and he just put everyone in the convention center to sleep. Poor Gatomon, I can feel her fear and that she wasn’t able to do anything about it. Myotismon mentioned to keep them asleep and deal with them later. I still think he probably would have made all the kids or humans into his slaves to do all his work. Hmm, you know that had me thinking, what exactly is those evil Digimon’s goal after they take over the world? What do they actually plan to do? That’s always a mystery because they never really succeed in it.

    Luckily, Mimi’s crest of sincerity was able to wake her up from the sleep. I don’t know why but it almost feels as if her crest was meant to have that kind of effect.

    Tai and Agumon fight with Bakemon, those little things never stop coming! Mimi meets up with Tai and goes to find Kari.

    I enjoyed seeing Izzy explain to Matt’s dad about the difference between good and bad Digimon. He really had an open mind to be able to take all of this in. Sometimes, I really admire the way the parents reacted. I think if it was ours, they’d FLIP and send them away or something!

    Wizardmon finally wakes up. LOL Joe when he figures out Kari was the 8th Digidestined. Interesting all these Digidestined finds this piece of news in different times. I almost forgot they have been separated. Speaking of that, they’re starting to join forces again, which is a relief because the town is so big and if they don’t team up, Myotismon shall triumph with is evilz plan!!!

    Sora, Matt and Izzy all meet up. Now, TK and Joe has arrived. We’re just missing Mimi, Tai, Kari. Wizardmon also uses his magic to bring Lilymon back to life.

    Now, I think everyone knows about Gatomon and Kari. Phew! If some are still missing, it would be pretty inconvenient! Uh-oh, Myotismon’s got Gatomon and is gathering on top of the TV Station. The team heads up. Wait, they don’t! Damn, these new Digimon keep popping up to fight them. I just noticed that most of these Digimon are now in their ultimate form!

    Myotismon has just confronted Kari, while Tai and Mimi are on their way! I gotta say, Kari is pretty brave to come forward on her own. I love how she wanted to stop him from hurting innocent people. Poor Gatomon really wanted to protect Kari but didn’t work out well. I LOVED the moment when she ran to Kari’s side, that was so good. Indeed, together again.

    Thankfully, the other Digimon arrives in time to help but Myotismon seemed to have gotten stronger. I swear that he seems a lot stronger than he was during Sora’s crest episode, because then, Garudamon almost defeated him. But then again, he may have been surprised and wasn’t prepared, or he’s sucking too much blood to enhance his nutrients and HP levels.

    Myotismon takes Kari to the roof and the others climb up. It’s hilarious how during all this, Myotismon keeps laughing. I still love his laugh, it’s such an EVIL laugh. More Digimon come in the battle to help but he’s not really budging, he just keeps reflecting the attacks.

    Wizardmon finally came and gave Kari the crest, and Tai arrived as well. Things are finally looking up, but only for a moment because Demidevimon snatches the digivice. All Digimon’s attacks don’t even reach Myotismon. NOw, Patamon has also joined the fight. It’s interesting how his attack actually affected Myotismon in some ways. He fires this giant attack at Kari and at this crucial moment, Wizardmon steps in sacrifices himself to save them. This has gotta be one of the most epic marks of Digimon Adventure EVER, or even Digimon! What an action of nobility and kindness.

    Wizardmon, you will never be forgotten. This scene touched me a lot, but it was one of the most meaningful scenes ever, when Wizardmon said he was glad Gatomon and him were friends. YOU KNOW WHAT, Wizardmon never faded out… YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? I am gonna hold my hope that Wizardmon isn’t dead dead, he’s just dead. Oh dear, that almost made no sense. But you know what I mean! I truly admire what Wizardmon did, when I first watched it, it taught me a lot about selflessness and what it means to give up for a friend, it was simply amazing.

    At this moment, the crest started to glow and Kari gets it back again. THIS IS THE MOMENT I know we have ALL been waiting for. Digimon digivolving to ultimate for the first time is always so freaking epic. Oh man, this was just amazing, Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon! I still think Angewomon and Angemon are counterparts, don’t really know why one is ultimate and one is champion.

    Angewomon uses her amazing attack called Heaven’s Charm, everyone gave their powers to her in one hit and she fires the shot called Celestial Arrow towards Myotismon, finally taking him out. Oh man, what epicness. This is what I call, such an AWESOME, kickass moment.

    Though Myotismon is gone, things don’t exactly seem like it’s normal, since the buildings are collapsing and a fog appears. Oh, you know villains like that never actually die. He’s one of those that don’t die when he’s killed.

    But seriously, this episode, I don’t even know where to begin with the sea of emotions I’m feeling. It really was so moving when Wizardmon gave them the ultimate gift – his life, to protect his friend’s safety. Those moments mean so much to me and makes the show so memorable. I always find it fascinating when characters do that, they probably don’t even have a moment to think. I wonder what I would have done in that situation.

    Gatomon’s ultimate form was so beautiful, it was truly her moment to shine, just like Angemon’s when he first digivolved. I loved that so much. I always thought Gatomon would be an angel somehow!

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